Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life has been more than hectic to say the least.  With our wedding just 13 days from now, our time has been consumed with having final meetings with our vendors, finishing the last details of our ceremony and reception, and all those other wonderful wedding moments.  Not to mention, we're both extremely busy with our full time jobs and the joys of parenting, home ownership, and caring for our pets.

I've considered deleting this blog or being done with it altogether-but not because I don't like blogging or don't value this blog anymore.  I've felt pretty uninspired when it comes to writing, and if inspiration does come, I am too tired or busy to do anything about it.

Some things that have been on my mind:

1. Recently, I had a friendship end over something I said to my friend about car seat straps.  It really upset me to lose a friendship over something like this.  The thing is, when I thought about it, I concluded that my intentions were good, something I wish my friend would have realized.  I read a wonderful blog shortly after this situation went down, which pretty much summed up how I was feeling.  My former friend is a great mom with a big heart.  I tried to explain how grateful I have been to friends who have helped me, including the friend who introduced me to extended rear-facing and many other car seat safety resources.  Of course the situation ended up with me being told that I am a "know-it-all" and that there were lots of other people who felt the same way.  Having heard that, I pretty much put it out there on my facebook that if anyone felt me sharing information and resources was a problem, to go ahead and delete me.  Apparently, no one else had a problem because that status update received more likes than I could believe!

2. Ayla's development.  I have been amazed at how rapidly A's verbal skills continue to develop.  She has always been a pretty verbal child, but her sentence structure and verbal expression is so exciting, even when she is saying something silly or telling us that she doesn't want to do something-such as getting her hair fixed, eating her dinner, or going to bed, typical nemeses of a 2-year-old.  She loves her new daycare (expect a whole blog dedicated to the reason why we switched and why we're so happy now) and comes home having learned something new every day.  She sings us songs and talks about her loving teachers and new friends.  It is a joyful occurrence to know that you have a child who loves you and learns from you, but is also secure enough to know (and say), "Mommy always comes back," because she knows and understands that you have to work and she gets to go to school and have fun playing, painting, singing, and learning.  That assures me that the quasi-attached parenting we've done has resulted in a secure child.

3.  I went through quite a stretch of time where my migraines were totally out of control due to my RSD.   Several factors contributed to this, I'm sure.  Shortly after I posted asking for prayers, I started waking up migraine free.  In fact, I've only had 2 since then.  I have an action plan for some strategies I want to try to help alleviate them even more, so here's hoping.

4. Weight loss.  To date, I have lost 15-16 pounds.  It isn't as much as I wanted to, but I am proud to say I didn't do anything outrageous to get me to the point.  No diet pills, no starvation, no injections of HCG or B12.  Everyone has to lose weight in their own way, but I wouldn't feel good about my results if I had done it any other way.  I've been there before...tried and practice methods that were pretty hurtful to my health.  I can't do that again.  I hope that as Ayla grows up, I can have a hand in shaping a positive body image and outlook on eating and exercising.  I hope she never experiences the rollercoaster of emotions including self-loathing that I, and many others, have endured.

5.  Family and friends.  I just have to say that I have the most amazing friends and family.  In the midst of planning the wedding, I have had many friends and family members step up and help us in any way possible.  There is always someone offering to help, or to just listen and offer words of encouragement.  I feel fortunate that God has put these people in my life; I know that they are in my life for a reason, not just by chance.  I am so excited to get to take part in my best friend's wedding in December, as well as in my baby brother's wedding to his wonderful fiancee in March.  She is like a sister to me already and has been for a long time. 

To all my readers, thanks for reading.  Maybe you'll see another blog from me soon...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Ten (I'm back?)

Ten Things That Have Been On My Mind (how's that for a title/intro?)

In no special order...
10. Lack of money, the fact that I haven't had a raise my entire career (pay freeze), debt, and eating lots of sunbutter & jelly sandwiches until payday.
9. The end of a friendship/friends understanding the intention and heart behind what we say and do
8. How to make fixing A's hair easier on her (and me)
7. Waking up with a daily migraine and prescription medication that is as effective as popping tic-tacs
6. Wedding vows
5. "Spring" cleaning the house
4. How thankful I am for the wonderfully supportive, kind, and intuitive friends and family I have
3. Writer's block aka why I haven't blogged in...ages.
2. Purpose
1. Did I mention the wedding?  25 days.

I'm back?