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Life has been more than hectic to say the least.  With our wedding just 13 days from now, our time has been consumed with having final meetings with our vendors, finishing the last details of our ceremony and reception, and all those other wonderful wedding moments.  Not to mention, we're both extremely busy with our full time jobs and the joys of parenting, home ownership, and caring for our pets.

I've considered deleting this blog or being done with it altogether-but not because I don't like blogging or don't value this blog anymore.  I've felt pretty uninspired when it comes to writing, and if inspiration does come, I am too tired or busy to do anything about it.

Some things that have been on my mind:

1. Recently, I had a friendship end over something I said to my friend about car seat straps.  It really upset me to lose a friendship over something like this.  The thing is, when I thought about it, I concluded that my intentions were good, something I wish my frien…

Tuesday Ten (I'm back?)

Ten Things That Have Been On My Mind (how's that for a title/intro?)

In no special order...
10. Lack of money, the fact that I haven't had a raise my entire career (pay freeze), debt, and eating lots of sunbutter & jelly sandwiches until payday.
9. The end of a friendship/friends understanding the intention and heart behind what we say and do
8. How to make fixing A's hair easier on her (and me)
7. Waking up with a daily migraine and prescription medication that is as effective as popping tic-tacs
6. Wedding vows
5. "Spring" cleaning the house
4. How thankful I am for the wonderfully supportive, kind, and intuitive friends and family I have
3. Writer's block aka why I haven't blogged in...ages.
2. Purpose
1. Did I mention the wedding?  25 days.

I'm back?