Pedicure...white sandy beach...drink with umbrella...just keep swimming...

Do you ever have one of those days (weeks...months?) where you feel like you have nothing left to give?

Like you're running on E?  Like you're running miles on the hamster wheel, going nowhere fast?

Ever feel like every corner you turn something is waiting for your attention, be it a task, someone who needs something, or a bill that needs to be paid?

You have a mama meltdown, then 16 hours of sleep...only to feel even more exhausted than before?

Where you just want to cry or scream.  Or cry while screaming?

Or binge eat chips and chocolate for hours on end? 

I'm trucking along, but I feel like if everyone around me could lend me some of their patience (and an extra hug or two) since mine is hanging by a thread, that'd be great. 

I am so happy that Ayla gave me extra hugs and kisses today.  And shook my hand, saying, "Mee-show!" (As in, "Nice to mee-show [meet you]!")


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