Becoming a mama, one month at a time.

October 2008
 November 2008
December 2008
 25th birthday
 Date unknown (but don't I look cute?)
 January 2009
 February 2009
 March 2009 (with my sweet Boo girl)
 March 20, 2009.  Photo by the talented Paul Carman
 Buddha belly
 We thought we loved her then.
 April 2009
 Later in April (yes, that's my belly button, but no, it didn't pop all the way out actually)
 Date unknown (but isn't Molly cute?)
 May 2009
 A week or two later...
 Henna belly done at 7 months by the amazing Jessica Martin.
 Baby BBQ. April 2009.
 Walking the beach, trying to get labor going just days before Ayla's birth.
 A peaceful moment in between being told to do squats-ha!
 Ayla's birthday!
 Resting before the "big show." (Note baby all the way on my right side)
 She was born just two hours later.
Bye-bye belly, hello baby!


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